TN05 - How to DOMINATE Social Media in 2023

lead nurture social media Feb 11, 2023

TN05 - How To Dominate Social Media in 2023

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Today, I’m going to give you something that I only ever give to my paid clients.

It’s 6 Incredible tips to help you dominate Social Media in 2023

These tips helped me get 750,000 organic followers on my Social Media Platforms last year.

What’s even more awesome is I’ve just uploaded the entire 45-minute video to my Trainermind Blog for your viewing pleasure.

I’m going to use this newsletter to summarise the video for you. Still, I highly recommend watching the entire thing, as it will give you some serious clarity on your Social Media Strategy this year.

Let’s get into it…


Strategy One - Make Yourself Easy to Find

Ok, so I’m looking for a coach in my local area, and I head on over to the Instagram discover tool

I type in the words “Personal, Trainer, Blackpool” (pretend you live in Blackpool)

My question to you is simple…

Does your name come up?

If the answer is no, then you must watch my video because I’ll explain how to make sure that it does


Strategy Two - Stop The Scroll

Fun Fact

"The Average Person Scrolls Over 6 Miles of Newsfeed Every Year"

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to STOP THAT SCROLL ON YOUR CONTENT.

How we do that is three things…

  1. Make your Content Big, Bright and Bold, so people stop on it.
  2. Maximise the “Reel Estate” by only uploading 1080px x 1350pm Size and Above.
  3. Grab Attention in the First Three Seconds if it’s a video.


Strategy Three - REELS, REELS, REELS

The 2023 Content Game to Play this year is Short Form Video, and Instagram rewards those players with more views and followers.

Reels also have the longest “Shelf Life” on the Instagram Platform.

What is Shelf Life?

It’s the exposure time of the content on the platform (i.e. how long the platform pushes out the content before it’s no longer part of the algorithm)

Instagram Stories = 24hrs

Instagram Newsfeed = 24-48hrs

Instagram Reels = 2-3 Weeks

If you post consistent reel content, you’ll get “compounding views” as the content is being pushed out many weeks after it has been posted.


Strategy Four - A.I.D.A

The A.I.D.A Framework has been around for many years and stands for Attention, Interest, Details, and Action.

Here is how to use it for your content


Grab Attention in the first three seconds and let people know exactly what they will get from your content. Lists work wonders

“6 Mistakes That Everyone Makes When Dropping Bodyfat.”


Keep interest peaked by keeping it short and sweet. If you have six mistakes to cover in a video, I don’t want to watch a 25 min monologue of you telling me in detail what I need to do.

Keep it short and snappy, under 30 seconds (meaning you have only 5 seconds to tell me each one)

Remove the gaps in your voice, change the camera angle often, and you will keep people’s interest in the content.


If you’re creating a carousel, then summarise what you’ve been speaking about (like I do in this newsletter)

If you’re creating a video, your details will be in the six things you’re focused on helping people within the video.

One important thing to understand with Short Form Video is it’s not about educating people; it’s about entertaining people. Your education will come from when they follow you, and they listen to your longer-form conversations in the form of a podcast/blog or your products and services.


Now you have their attention and give them lots of value; it’s time to give them a call to action.

Ask yourself, “where do I want to take this person now I have their attention?”

This will usually be to your email list or to get a like, follow or share.


Strategy Five - Your One Thing

As you put out more consistent content, you’ll find that certain pieces of content do better than others.

You must "go all in" on that content style when you start to see this.

People love familiarity and follow people for a particular thing, so your goal is to be…

The Home Workout Guy/Girl

The Healthy Recipe Guy/Girl

The No Excuses Guy/Girl

The Funny Fitness Guy/Girl

The Mindset Guy/Girl

Once you finally “find your thing,” this social media game becomes much easier.


Strategy Six - Be Like Bamboo

This final one is more of a Mindset shift than anything.

Nothing happens if you plant a bamboo seed and water it for a year.

If you water it for two years, still nothing happens.

If you water it for three years, it will start to sprout out of the ground.

Certain species of Bamboo can grow up to 90ft in just six weeks!

The bamboo was growing for those three years, but it needed to build a solid foundation for its exponential growth.

If you’re only a few years into your social media content journey, keep watering that seed and be patient because as soon as that foundation is built, you’ll be amazed at how fast you grow.



👉 Make Yourself Easy To Find and Optimise Your Profile so it’s Searchable.

👉 Stop The Scroll and grab people’s attention with your content.

👉 REELS, REELS, REELS play the game, and you’ll get the rewards

👉 Attention, Interest, Details, Action. Follow this, and your engagement will skyrocket!

👉 Your One Thing. Work out what people like about you and become that Guy/Girl

👉 Be Like Bamboo. The People that show up every day and post something win the game.

👉 Watch my video as I go into greater detail with each tip.


I’ll see you next week for some more Fitness Business Knowledge Bombs!


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