TN07 - Building a Fitness Business with Potatoes

Feb 25, 2023

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Today, I will explain how learning about potatoes will help you grow your fitness business.

Sounds a bit crazy right?

Give me a few moments, and let me break it down for you…

Tesco Large Baking Potato

Does exactly what it says on the tin. A normal potato that, with a bit of creativity and skill, can be turned into almost any kind of favourite potato type.

Boil them, mash them, put em in a stew!

One of my favourite staple foods

Cost per kg = 70p

absolute bargain!


Tesco Peeled Potatoes

Now ya talking!

I can save a little bit of time with these beauties because I don’t have to peel them, and I can just chop them up into roasties or stick them in the pan and mash them.

They are the exact same product as the Large Baking Potatoes but targeted at lazy people like me who can’t be bothered to peel them.

Cost per kg = £1.43

So, I get less potato and have to pay twice as much?!? Oh well, at least it saves me time.


Tesco Parmentier Potatoes

all I can say is wow!

Someone has peeled and chopped the potatoes for me, and not only that, they’ve sprinkled the potatoes with some garlic and rosemary!

I have to do NOTHING but get them out of the pack and stick them in the oven for 45 mins to get some of the best-tasting spuds around!

Cost per kg = £6

Holy cow! For 1kg of these, I could buy 8.5kg of loose potatoes!

Worth it though, as all I need to do with these is peel the lid and stick them in the oven.


By now, you might be starting to click with a few things in your fitness business and how it relates to the business of potatoes, but if you’re still wondering, let’s get into it…


#1 Not Everyone Wants The Full Transformation Package


There are a TON of people out there who want a no-frills product that they can use and get on with their life.

I use the app pliability for my daily stretching because I only need to press play every morning on the app to get a decent 25 min session in. I DON’T WANT a check-in, a community or any other videos to watch other than what I use it for, and that’s stretching.

I don’t blink a paying £12.99 a month for what is basically an app on my phone full of stretching videos, and they have hundreds of thousands of customers. (plus if you want to try it free for two weeks click here)

Consider that you may be overcomplicating your fitness business by delivering too much and overwhelming your customer with features and benefits they don’t really need or want.


#2 The Easier You Can Make People's Lives, The More You Can Charge


You are a fitness business owner who probably lives and breathes training, nutrition, and mindset.

Between working in a full-time job, driving the kids back and forth to birthday parties and having to fit in the house repairs on the weekend, your potential clients really don’t have the time to access your video database full of nutrition education and scapular retraction tutorials.

The easier you can make a client's life by following the plan of action that gets them results without thinking, the more money they will be happy to part ways with!


#3 You don’t always need to “give more” to “charge more.”


Those wonderful garlic and rosemary potatoes cost 8x as much as a standard potato, and all I really did was take some of the grunt work away and sprinkle a few herbs on them. When you have a tasty product (your fitness services), and you charge a lot of money for a few extra sprinkles, your life becomes easier!


Check out this client meme….

Over the last 10 years, the more I have charged for a product or service, the easier the client has been.

This is for several reasons…

  • You attract clients who understand that they need to invest in experts to level up.
  • When people pay premium prices, they do the work because losing hard-earned money is much more painful than the work it takes to get the result.
  • You need a lot fewer high-paying clients, so you work with fewer people, so you can focus more time on them, which in turn gets them better results.

So you see, a lot can be learned from potatoes to transform your business into a profitable, well-oiled machine!

I’ll see you next week for some more Fitness Business Knowledge Bombs!



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