TN08 - How to Launch Anything - My 6-Step Guide

digital products launches lead generation Mar 04, 2023

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Today, I will give you a 6 step system to help you launch any product or service online.

This is the system I have used in the last five years to launch all of my products and services, generating multiple seven figures for my business.

The six steps are…

  • Plant
  • Grow
  • Build
  • Launch
  • Close
  • Review


Let’s get into it…


Planting the seed

One of the biggest mistakes coaches make when creating an online product is not asking their audience if they actually want it!

So many people build something they “think” people want and then get frustrated if people don’t buy it.

The very first thing you need to do is plant the seed that you’re thinking about creating something, and it can be as easy as using your stories/polls and emails to gather feedback…

Questions like.

  • "Im looking to create a 6-week fat loss challenge in April that will help everyone that takes on the challenge lose 10 lbs in the build-up to the summer. If that sounds like something you would be interested in me creating, gimme a thumbs up." 
  • "I'm thinking about building the Ultimate 12 Week Muscle Building programme for all you hard gainers out there struggling to put on size. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, let me know in the poll below."

Not only does it give you some feedback as to whether it’s worth pursuing, but it’s also planting the seed that something is coming, which is a great awareness piece for your audience.


Growing the list

Once you have gathered interest in your product, the next, most important thing to do is to start building up a list of interested people with an opt-in page.

This could be a simple Typeform integrated into your MailChimp or something you have built through your website or landing page creator.

This is such an important step to take, and for the next 2-3 weeks, your focus is getting as many people as possible to opt-in and register their interest.


TOP BIZ TIP: Something I like to do to get people on the list is to give a copy away for free to someone who registers. This will shoot up the numbers of the list!


Build the Product

Do you know why most Personal Trainers do not have a digital product?

They don’t have enough time to build one.

Something that has helped me massively over the years to get shit done is Parkinson’s Law which states.

A Task will take as long as the time in which you give it.

When you finally build your opt-in page, the most important thing you need to do is tell people when the product will be launched. I like to give myself at least three weeks, and when the date is out there, it’s amazing how quickly the product gets built!


Launch The Product

Now you have a healthy number of people on your email list; it’s time to launch the product.

To maximise sign-ups, I would recommend launching on the last Friday of the month or the first Friday of the next month.

Here is how I would approach emailing your list…

Wednesday (2 days before launch) - Email the list explaining how excited you are about the product, what you have in there and what outcomes people will get from it when it’s launched. Tell them that tomorrow morning, they will receive an email to find out if they have won the product for free.

Thursday (1 day before launch) - Email your list and reveal the competition winner. Let the list know that doors are open tomorrow morning for your new product, and the first 10-30 people who sign up will get an early bird price and a “fast-acting bonus.”

Your “fast-acting bonus” could be supplements, a book or a group mastermind session with you.

Friday (Launch Day) Email your list and remind them about the fast-acting bonus and the early bird offer. Give them 48hrs to grab the early bird before it goes on full sale Monday. I would recommend doing a cut-off time to grab the early bird price until 7 pm on Sunday.

Saturday (1 day until the early bird closes), email your list and remind them of the early bird offer and what your product can do for them, remind them they have until 7 pm Sunday to grab your offer.

Sunday PM (last day of the early bird) email your list and remind them that today is the last day to get the early bird offer; talk a little bit more about the product with a strong call to action.

Sunday PM (1 hour before early bird finishes), email your list, reminding them they only have an hour left to grab your early bird offer with a strong call to action.

This sequence is super effective, and don’t if you think the above is too many emails, it’s probably not enough!

An interesting statistic is 95% of all converted leads are reached by the sixth attempt. This is the same for phone calls, follow-ups and emails.

Above, you have six emails to use. ;-)


Close The Product

Now the early bird has finished with your interested list, it’s time for a 5-day countdown on your socials (plus the email list too)

Focus on counting down from Monday to Friday and close the product's doors on Friday evening.

This is super important because the closer you get to that closing date, the more sign-ups you will get.

Remember to email the list each day and send two just like the early bird offer on Friday.


Review how the launch went.

Once the launch has been completed, it’s time to review how things went.

Write down on a piece of paper three questions...

  1. What went right?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. What could be improved next time?

This is an incredible Launch Framework I’ve used for many years, and as long as you have the right product that solves the right problem for the right people, you’re onto a winning formula to sell your product and service to many people!


👉 Plant the seed with your audience that you’re looking to create something

👉 Grow an email list of people that are interested in the product

👉 Build the product now you know there is interest in it

👉 Launch the product using my email framework

👉 Close the product down to add scarcity into the mix

👉 Review how the launch went so you can improve it next time

I hope this was valuable to you, and if it fired some lightbulbs in your head, reply to this email or shoot me a DM on Instagram and let me know

I’ll see you next week for some more Fitness Business Knowledge Bombs!


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