TN04 - Why Group Coaching Beats 1-1 Every Time

Jan 28, 2023

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Today, I’m going to give you four reasons why group coaching is better than one-to-one coaching for your time, happiness and business growth.

Back when I was 1-1 coaching, I LOVED it!

(This newsletter is not here to convince you to drop all your individual clients!)

I just want to show you some things that you might not realise when it comes to group coaching (Both Online and In Person Too)

So without further ado, let’s dive in.


#1 Earn More and Charge Less

Let's say you charge £40 an hour for a PT session, and on average, you see 6 clients per day

(£240 is not a bad day's work!)

Let’s now say you have switched your model to group coaching and work with 4 clients in an hour and charge £20 for the session. You’ve now gone from £40 an hour to £80 an hour and only need to fill out 3 slots per day to match your 1-1 income.

This is great because more people can afford £20 an hour, meaning a higher intake of clients.

(and more money for you)

Below I’ve created a little infographic to map out that hour session for 4 people.

(I'll go into it more about group coaching structure in another newsletter)


This diagram above shows a typical workout structure for 4 clients. It covers everything they need to do in a session from warming up to cooling down plus focusing on progresses with their compound movements in the session. It's always nice to finish with a metabolic circuit to get the heart rate up and the endorphins flowing!


#2 Clients Get Better Results

I’ve coached groups for the past 7 years, and I can tell you now they get better results!

The reasons for this are down to two main things…

Community and Support

When a person starts a group coaching programme, be it online or in person, they start to meet like-minded people who want the same things.

To be healthier, happier, fitter and stronger.

(Getting in shape and losing weight can be a lonely journey that your family and friends don’t always understand)

But when it comes to group coaching, you find a community of incredible friends because you share the same interests.

Not only do you get that community you also get that support.

Sometimes, it can be hard for clients to open up about their struggles to you because they don’t think others struggle with similar problems.

Until they start to see that isn’t true in your community.

One thing I love about creating groups and communities is seeing them all support each other. It’s less work for me and a massive benefit for the client because they get support from me plus others around them.


#3 You Get More Time Back

Ever had client check-ins, and you feel like a broken record?

The same questions are asked by different people, and all you feel like you’re doing is saying the same things over and over again!

In 2012, I had over 100 online clients, and it would take me 16 hours to check in with them on a Monday and answer all their questions.

This is because none spoke to each other, and I needed to do 100 different check-ins with similar responses and answers.

Fast Forward to last year's Check in's on my Santa Shred Challenge.

We had 560 Clients, and checking in with them would take me about 2 hours.

  • 1 Hour to go through their automated check-in forms (I will be creating a newsletter about this in a few weeks)
  • 1 Hour to go live in the Facebook group and answer their questions

When you focus on group coaching and checking in with people at the same time, not only do they get more support and accountability, but you only have to answer the same question once.

Saving you hours and giving you time to focus on Content, Programming and Building Your Business.


#4 You Charge For Your Mind

The diagram above shows a coach that charges for their time.

Each day is divided between the clients, and because you only have so much time to give each day, you are limited by the number of clients you can take on.


This next diagram shows a coach that has extracted their mind into videos, workouts, email automation and a Facebook group.

When the clients sign up, they get access to these assets and the things the coach's mind has created. Now let’s ramp up the clients.


Even though the number of clients has increased, the quality of the service remains the same as they all get access to videos, workouts, email automation and private Facebook group.

This is a business that has scale because you no longer trade time for your expertise; you’re selling your expert mind.

Something I always say to coaches is...

“If I gave you 100 clients tomorrow, would this build your business or break it?”

If It would build it and you could take that many on, congratulations, you have a scalable business.

If it breaks, don’t panic; consider adding some group coaching to your business this year.



👉 Group coaching is financially better for the client and you.

👉 Adding Community and Support to your service gives clients more accountability and support, leading to more results!

👉 Group Coaching will give you more time back as you only have to say things once to your clients

👉 You’re paid for your mind, not for your time. If I gave you 100 clients tomorrow and if it would break your business, consider adding group coaching to your service.


I’ll see you next week for some more Fitness Business Knowledge Bombs!




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